Working from home is a great solution to many of the quality-of-life issues that workers experience – say goodbye to long commutes, reduced family time, and increased costs associated with being in an office. By becoming an RSE in our organization, you get the work-life balance and flexibility you need, without compromising on stellar customer service.

More Convenience & Flexibility

Less time and money wasted on commutes and overhead costs.

Greater Growth Opportunity

Expand your offerings as much as you want, in a way that works for you.

Manage Clients Better

Build better client relationships and deliver a truly personal touch.

Who is broker age?

Broker Age Corporation, based in Grande Prairie, AB, is the parent company of P&C insurance firms Broker Age General Insurance Inc, and Whitecourt Insurance Ltd. We create innovative opportunities in the P&C insurance industry, and our belief in our employees is simple: if you are successful, we will be too. We help our brokers thrive, with strong senior management that encourages innovation, communication, culture, support, and stability.

Working with Broker Age

Interested in working with us? We offer a supportive, open environment, with policies designed to accommodate working from home, and opportunities to thrive and grow along the way. To apply, upload a resume with highlights of relevant achievements, experience, and education, along with a cover letter that explains why you’d like to join our key personnel team. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you to set up a remote interview.

Job Requirements

In order to work with us as a broker, we do have some minimum requirements to ensure a high quality of service.

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I have enjoyed the freedom of working from home for almost 5yrs now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I like the fact that I can get up early and get started if I feel like it or work later on days when that is more convenient. I like being home and spending time with my wife and kids but also letting them know “daddy is working” at other times when necessary. I honestly don’t think it would be super easy to transition to working from an office again, I think I’m built to work from home, thanks for that opportunity Broker Age!

Darren Ward, Systems and Implementation Manager

I work at home for Broker Age Insurance as an insurance agent. What I appreciate the most is the positivity, superior communication and values of our leaders Sheldon & Trevor.  They appreciate me as a member of the team and allow me the independence to thrive and the support when I need it. I always feel fully supported in my role as an agent. The technology Broker Age has in place makes my job seamless. The practices, procedures and training are exceptional. Broker Age values their clients and employees, and I am proud to part of this organization.

Cindy Williams, Remote Servicing Executive

You have both been amazing through the entire COVID-19 scare.  From sending us home early before everything got scary, to checking in on a daily basis to make sure everything is going well, we are keeping up with work AND that we and our families are staying well.  It has been a seamless process for me.  I love the quiet working at home and the system was already so well set up that the clients can still be serviced seamlessly.

As you know I’ve worked from home in a prior job and have felt forgotten about, but  NOT with Broker Age, it is different here and I could not be happier.

Nickie Creelman, Commercial Broker

I  was hired with Broker Age General Insurance with the opportunity to work from home back in 2016. I am beyond thankful for this position with this company-both Trevor and Sheldon have given me an opportunity to be both a stay at home mom to my two young daughters, as well as help towards our family income. Even though, now with our COVID situation, it is a little more challenging working with two children who are no longer in school or with child care- I appreciate the flexibility to work ‘after hours’ in the evenings when there is an abundance of “quiet time”.  I enjoy having the time with my young family, while also feeling fulfilled by working with an understanding company, and still all while having the opportunity to help build an income for my family. Trevor and Sheldon have always been supportive of me working from home, checking in to ensure my work load is sufficient and always there if I have questions or concerns, even after regular business hours.

Candice Watt, Commercial Lines Account Assistant, BA

On March 23, 2020 our office was notified that due to the COVID-19 Virus all employees would be moving their work stations to the comfort of their homes.  I thought, working from home, how is this going to work as I had never had the opportunity to do so before.  Due to the positive and smart minded management that we have, working from home has been a wonderful experience.  Not only do we have the opportunity to protect ourselves from the Virus but we can still service our great clients and help new clients while the unforeseen circumstances are among us.

Tanya Thibodeau, Personal Lines Broker

How do I feel about working from home?  I always liked the idea of working from home but never thought I would be motivated enough to actually do it!  This Covid-19 situation has put us in a situation where we are working from home, and I actually love it!  I enjoy that I can sleep a little longer as I don’t have to worry about doing hair or makeup (unless we have a scheduled ZOOM meeting).  I have found that it is not difficult to stick to my usual work-day at home even with my family at home right now.  I don’t experience too many distractions and everyone is pretty good about keeping quiet as I am on phone frequently with clients & underwriters.  I would love to be able to continue working from home even when this Covid-19 is over.  I truly appreciate that you guys have kept us employed during this event and were able to transition us to work at home so easily – thank you!

Lisa Edmundson, Personal Lines Broker

I have appreciated the immediate and fast response to keep the staff safe and keep interaction from the public to a minimum in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You always have the staff safety and wellbeing at the top of a priority.    I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces in the future once we are clear from this situation.

Kelcy Snow, Personal Lines Broker, CAIB

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